• UX Design
  • Creative Direction
  • UI & Interaction Design
  • Design Systems
  • Visualization & Illustration
  • Front-End Coding
Further info:

Hack The Vault

Art Director & Product Designer

The Client

Taboola is a world's leading content discovery platform, with constant requirement for the best of developers.

The Product

Hack The Vault is a viral riddle experience, challenging coding skills and logical thinking, to find and pre-screen the right potential, creatively engaging him and kicking-off his Discovery phase in the candidate journey

Design Guidelines

  1. 1. Quick, lean and impactful experience
  2. 2. Riddle should be viral
  3. 3. Riddle solution should be simple for the right person, and invisible to all others.

Creative Solution

Since we adress front end developers, we decided on an environment that resembles a basic IDE interface. This experience is Desktop-Only, and based on fun, fluid transitions and quick, fun feedbacks (positive as well negative).

High Fidelity Design

Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen


the riddle went viral, and generated considerable amount of quality candidates for Taboola.
For it's concept, design and interaction, The expereince itself was also selected as an Editor's pick on Muzli by Invision.