• UX Design
  • Creative Direction
  • UI & Interaction Design
  • Design Systems
  • Visualization & Illustration
  • Front-End Coding
Further info:

Zerto Mobile App

Art Director & Product Designer.

The Client

Zerto provides disaster recovery and business continuity software for
 enterprise class companies.

On this project I was collaborating with the awesome fellows at 5ive, responsible for Art Direction and Product Design, while they were responsible for overall project management, product vision and high-level UX.

The User

High-level managers of enterprise class organizations, who need personal monitoring access to their recovery system, as complementary tool to the main desktop-based environment.

The Product

a native mobile app, to allow tracking, monitoring,
 and easily checking the health of organization’s data center.

Main Challenge

Most of the effort, from Product Design and Artistic perspective, was spent on two main challenges:

  1. 1. Data prioritization:
    summarizing rich, complex dashboard environment to minimal mobile display
  2. 2. Visual balance between familiar and new:
    The requirement included both new UI look and feel, adjusted for mobile environment, as well as consistency with existing UI language and components, familiar to users from their desktop environments.

Design Principles

  1. 1. Data presentation should specifically serve managers perspective.
  2. 2. Minimum usage of keyboard.
  3. 3. Fresh mobile UI look-and-feel, based on Zerto's Existing UI Patterns, to keep both familiar ground and system consistency

Design Objective

Managers will get full System Status, on a Single Swipe.

Data Breakdown

Data was divided to 3 levels:

  • 1.Main View

    Providing full system status on a swipe

  • 2.Objects Lists

    Inventory list views of system entities, such as VPGs, Alerts & Tasks

  • 3.Objects Focus

    Viewing expanded information of given system entity by user demand.

Data breakdown draft

Main View Division

Data Organization: Main View

High Fidelity Designs

Launch Screen

Main View Design

VPG List Display

Single VPG Focus Mode

Alerts List Display


Zerto mobile app has been launched successfully, and available for both iOS & Android, with users ratings of 4 and 4.5 stars, respectively.