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Avin Vadas - Digital Experience Artist

Avin Vadas - Digital Experience Artist

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Who I am

I am a digital experience artist, designer, animator and, from time to time, a developer from Tel Aviv, Israel. I've been exploring and creating in the digital media for more then 10 years, combining strong conceptual thought with good artistic skills, vast technical knowledge-base and high quality of work.

What I do

I give people a few minutes of experience that will inspire them long after they leave the page. I Create things they will love using over and over, and send them back to the real world with a good story. I believe that nothing is more memorable then a true added value. It could be fun, useful, social, or all of the above, and rightly seeked, this added value can be found anywhere.



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"I had the pleasure of working with Avin in 2009.
Avin worked on all UI elements for ekko and did a great job.
Avin is very creative, an expert in his field, and fun to work with.
I would highly recommend working with him."
Yair Greenbaum, co-founder, Ekko.im, September 22, 2010
"I've had the opportunity to work with Avin on several projects in the past year and a half, and was very pleased from both the process and the results. Avin is a great Flash artist, with good design abilities, strong technical understanding and a great attitude.
I have referred other colleagues of mine to Avin, and intend to keep working with him in the future."
Guy Atzmon, VP creative, Sunday Sky, September 17, 2010
"Working with Avin was a pleasure. Not only are his designs top class, he really tried to understand exactly what we wanted to achieve and was able to provide useful ideas and advice to further improve our initial request. He is extremely personable and reliable and I hope to work with him further in the future."
David A. Cohen, PR, 21 Ventures, January 18, 2010
"I have been working with Avin Vadas for about 3 years now. I manage a user experience design firm, and we hire the services of graphic designers all the time. Having worked with so many graphic designers up to now, I am perfectly aware of the fact that only a small fraction of them are really good, and God, it is so difficult to find the good ones. Well – Avin is one of the few ones! He features this rare combination everybody strives for: He is creative yet thorough, intelligent yet attentive. When I add to it the fact that he is 100% trustworthy and dedicated, I get the rare species I'm always looking for. So: if you have the chance - work with him and see for yourself...
Yoram Rosner, CEO, 5IVE | pure user experience , December 14, 2009
"First thing's first: Avin is a great guy to work with. he's always seeking challenges, solves problems with creative solutions, and always doing it with a smile. Avin is loyal, a professional team worker, and a wonderful animation artist.
I hired Avin when he just finished his animation studies to "TheMarker" group, and it was the best decision I made. We worked together as a team along with a technical person, and won the company some heavy deals due to many interactive initiatives we came up with. We worked together on several projects through my interactive company "Spice-e Interactive", and I recommend him to all my friends and colleagues who really want the job done."
Galia Baron-Yifrach, Creative manager, The Marker Group
December 22, 2010
Tel: +972- (0)54-2133329
Email: vadas.avin@gmail.com
Skype: avin.vadas
Avin Vadas
26/9 Yehuda Hayamit st.
Tel-Aviv Yafo, Israel, 6813429
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